About Chasing Vanity

Chasing Vanity Salon and Spa was created with our guests at the forefront!  We believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too! No cold shoulders here! We invite you to enjoy our high end trendy space, with the friendliness and warm feeling you share with your closest friends. The soul of Chasing Vanity is the amazing staff, one that has been carefully picked by owner Elisabeth Bartrom to bring her vision to reality. Chasing Vanity’s staff has been trained in different areas of the beauty world, with talents seamlessly integrated to create a profound respect for each other as professionals.

The artistry that our trendsetting staff offers is second to none, all while taking customer service to a new level. The Chasing Vanity team is encouraged to be trendsetters, taste-makers and constantly looking for ways to be pushed outside the box and improve our team as a whole. At Chasing Vanity we promote stylists who strive to transcend expectations, and we are committed to give them every opportunity to do so.

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Tuesday – Thursday 10-9
Friday 9-7
Saturday 8-3


150 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Phone (616) 419-3549