All service prices are a starting point and vary depending on stylist level and a consultation of services performed.

Women’s Haircut
Assistant: $25
Level 1: $30
Level 2: $35
Level 3: $40
Level 4: $45
Level 5: $50
Level 6: $55

Men’s Haircut
Assistant: $15
Level 1: $20
Level 2: $24
Level 3: $28
Level 4: $32
Level 5: $36
Level 6: $40

Children’s Haircut (ages 1-12) $25 & up

Bang Trim $12

Beard & Mustache Trim $15 & up

Wash and Style
Level 1-$25
Level 2- $27
Level 3- $29
Level 4- $31
Level 5-$33
Level 6-$35


Single Process Retouching the new growth
Assistant: $40
Level 1: $45
Level 2: $50
Level 3: $55
Level 4: $60
Level 5: $65
Level 6: $70

Double Process New growth and ends
Assistant: $50+
Level 1: $55+
Level 2: $60+
Level 3: $65+
Level 4: $70+
Level 5: $75+
Level 6: $80+

Highlights Complete head
Assistant: $75+
Level 1: $80+
Level 2: $85+
Level 3: $90+
Level 4: $95+
Level 5: $100+
Level 6: $105+

Partial Highlights Half head
Assistant: $50+
Level 1: $55+
Level 2: $60+
Level 3: $65+
Level 4: $70+
Level 5: $75+
Level 6: $80+

A couple foils: $33+

Assistant: $85
Level 1: $90+ per hour
Level 2: $95+
Level 3: $100+
Level 4: $105+
Level 5: $110+
Level 6: $115

Corrective color charged by the hour per consultation
Assistant: $45+per hour
Level 1: $50+ per hour
Level 2: $55+ per hour
Level 3: $60+ per hour
Level 4: $65+ per hour
Level 5: $70+ per hour
Level 6: $80+ per hour

Gloss Treatment $30+

Additional Services & Treatments
B3 smoothing stand-alone treatment: $40+
B3 added to color to strengthen and protect hair: $15+
Split end repair Treatment: $30+
Updo: $60+
Brazilian Blowout: $250+

Consultation required for extensions. Please call the salon for availability.


B3 Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment $30
B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner is an innovative professional salon service that provides intensive repair and longterm conditioning for extremely dry, very damaged and chemically treated hair for up to 12 washes.

Restorative Repair Treatment $15
This signature conditioning treatment will transform dull and lifeless hair, and leave it feeling reinvigorated, bouncy, and shiny with a renewed luster.

Healthy Hydrating Treatment $15
Counteracting environmental exposure and the harsh effects of blow-drying, our Healthy Hydrating Treatment is designed to renew and reenergize dull hair. This treatment is for those who perform few, if any, chemical processes on a regular basis.

Optimal Color Treatment $15
Our Optimal Color Treatment is a post-color treatment that helps lock down the cuticles of your hair and seal in the color. Reconstructive Conditioning Treatment


Makeup Application $55
This service includes a basic makeup consultation with one of our Makeup Artists. Makeup application is performed using professional HD foundations and makeup products.

Airbrush Makeup Application starting at $70

For a flawless finish this airbrush foundation is the perfect addition to our regular makeup application. After your makeup is applied the foundation is sprayed on with our airbrush gun and is humidity resistant! Perfect for special events as it won’t sweat or cry off

Individual Eyelash Application starting at $15


New Full Set Classic Lashes $250  

Classic Lash sets are applied 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural Lash. This method allows for each individual Lash to appear slightly longer, thicker, and darker like the effect of mascara. (2+ hours)

NovaLash Eyelash Fill $45 and up. (1+hours)

New Full Set Volume $300

Volume Lash sets are applied in a 2+:1 ratio meaning 2 or more Lash extensions are applied in an “artistic” fan method to one natural Lash. This results in a much more dense, thick, and full look. This method can be altered to fit the client’s preferred look by altering the actual amount of Lashes applied. (2 hours)

Novalash Volume Lash Fill $60 and up (1+hour)

Brow Tint starting at $20
This service is performed using a cream dye to darken or lighten your Eyebrows. Suggested for guests wanting to fill in light eyebrows to help frame the face.

Brow color $15


Brow wax $15
Other facial wax $10 per area

Full Arm $40

Half Arm $30

Bikini $45

Brazilian $70

Full Leg $80

Half Leg $45

Underarm $35


Mani-on-the-Move $20+
For that person on the go! Includes a buff, file, and polish to get your fingernails looking their best even when you’re in a hurry! (20 minute service)

Simply Vain Manicure $30+
Our basic manicure complete with a relaxing hand massage, nail shaping, cuticle trimming and your choice of polish color applied to perfection. (30 minute service)

Stay Vain Manicure $35+
For a longer polish life try our shellac polish, on top of our Simply Vain Manicure. (60 minute service)

Stay Vain Re-shellac $40+
Remove old shellac and refresh your nails with the new shellac color of your choice. (60 minute service)

Sugar scrub
Choose from a variety of scents and exfoliate away dry skin

Nail Art starting at $5
From a simple polka dot to a full on portrait, our talented artists will add a little more pop to your nails

Pedi-on-the-Move $35
Includes an exfoliating scrub, a moisturizing lotion from below the knee to the soles of your feet. Also includes toenail maintenance and polish to get your feet looking their best even when you’re on the move. (3o minute service)

Simply Vain Pedicure $50
Our basic pedicure complete with an exfoliating sugar scrub, a moisture mask, a relaxing massage, and your choice of polish. (60minute service)

Seasonal Pedicure $60

Enjoy a skin polishing exfoliator, callous treatment, hydrating mask, and moisturizing massage. Hot towels wrap around your feet to seal in the benefits of this special pedicure. (60 minute service)

Stay Vain Pedicure $65

For a longer polish life add our shellac polish to our Simply Vain Pedicure. (75 minute service)

Stay Vain Re-shellac Pedicure $80

Enjoy our simply vain pedicure while removing old shellac and refreshing your toes with the new shellac color of your choice. (75 min service)

10 minute chair Massage $10
25 minute Massage $40
25 minute deep tissue Massage $55
25 minute pregnancy Massage $40
50 minute Massage $75
50 minute deep tissue Massage $95
50 minute hot stone Massage $95
50 minute pregnancy Massage $75
80 minute Massage $100
80 minute deep tissue Massage $125
80 minute hot stone Massage $125
80 minute pregnancy Massage $100

Massage Therapy Enhancements
Aromatherapy $10
Choose from our signature aromatherapy blends or single-note essential oils to create a more relaxing, uplifting or detoxifying massage experience.

CV Mini facial $35
CV deep pore cleansing facial $90
CV Optimizer age correction facial $110
CV Hydra Essence intense hydrating facial $100

Scalp Treatment $15
For centuries, coconut oil has been used to strengthen and nourish the hair folices, leaving your hair soft and silky.

Hydrating Hair Mask $20
Counter the drying effects our environment creates with an ultra hydrating hair mask.

Signature Scrub $15
Refresh tired legs and feet with your choice of our aromatic salt scrubs.

The artistry that our trendsetting staff offers is second to none, all while taking customer service to a new level. The Chasing Vanity team is encouraged to be trendsetters, taste-makers and constantly looking for ways to be pushed outside the box and improve our team as a whole. At Chasing Vanity we promote stylists who strive to transcend expectations, and we are committed to give them every opportunity to do so.

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